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9 Tips & Tricks for Photographing Babies

9 Tips & Tricks for Photographing Babies

We’d all love to capture those precious memories of the little apples of our eyes. However, it's not as easy as it looks! To the rescue is the talented Jason Eardly, family and lifestyle photographer, sharing his top tips to help you produce some amazing images with your mobile phone or pocket camera.
Here’s what Jason has to say:
Photographing babies is a task that requires time and patience and the ability to make them feel comfortable in the space you want them to be in. Always keep in mind to be present so the little one knows they are in safe hands and that all the attention is for them (even though they might not have the slightest clue about what is going on around them).

1. The ‘Silent’ Approach

The ‘Silent’ approach or prepping time for the baby is one of the most important steps. It is important that your baby doesn’t feel intruded upon. Being with the little one for about an hour before you take the picture has a significant effect on how the baby reacts in these occasions. Remember to choose a time when baby is likely to be most calm: after a nap or just after a feeding. Singing, talking, going outdoors or even listening to calming music might help soothe your baby.

2. Patience

When it comes to capturing the eye candy moment of your little one, it is important to remember to be patient. Rushing to get the next picture isn’t the way to go about it. It’s important to have patience to get the photos you will eventually cherish.

Babies recognize a certain touch / feel in the way you handle them. The more comfortable they are with your approach, the better your pictures are going to be (yes even if you take them from your phone). Always remember that babies feel tired quite easily and if not handled properly the once known “little angel” will turn into a “viper in a diaper” quite quickly.

3. The “Play” Role

The play role, not the “pay” role, is when you have to start thinking like a little one. How they react to certain sounds, colored objects and even the way you speak to them brings that “Instagram worthy” picture out. You should always remember that it’s not just taking a picture but building a relationship of confidence towards the little one. By being in the “Play Role” you’ll quickly start to see a change in the way your little one reacts to what you’re doing and those are the best moments to capture. The little smiles, the little grins, the little roll over eyes of shyness and even the little glisten in the little one’s eyes says a lot in a picture that just the setting itself.

4. Choose the best lighting

“Window” light

Window light is the most effective method in creating stunning images when it comes to baby photography. When you don’t have much light in a given area, always know that the window is your best friend and source of light (in dark times). By using this method you’d be able to significantly enhance your pictures. You can control the light that comes through the window by even adding a soft white (not so thick) cloth to block the light to your desired mood of the picture.

Best time to shoot

The best time in a day to photograph your newborn is either morning between 8 am -12 pm and evening 4-6 p.m. You can photograph your baby during noon time too, but you’ll need to adjust the light according to the “Window Light” section.

5. Choose simple props

A blanket or fur rug

Often times we make things complicated in order to get the right picture but always remember sometimes less is more. A fur rug is an exceptional backdrop for babies. The texture, and feel of a rug gives a sense of pleasantness to the image. And that colored blanket / cloth that you often look away from comes in handy along with the fur rug. Do remember to mix and match the colors so that you don’t find anything off at the end.

The leaf, flower and toy (The triple trouble)

Now that you’ve got your fur rug and colored blanket sorted, it’s time to add in some more elements. This time, it all comes down to your imagination and the things you can use to make your image better but my go to is the ‘Triple Trouble’ approach. Often times you get stuck looking for items at home and you can definitely use the Tripe Trouble approach in these circumstances. The texture in leaves (you’ll need to use quite a bit of these) helps create a calm tone to the image and since green is always pleasant to the eyes, it is also a great way to help your child stand out.

Using flowers is a great method to highlight your baby as well. Placing flowers around the baby or even placing the baby on them (do remember to add a cloth so baby doesn’t feel agitated) could instantly bring out that wow factor and you’d be surprised by the outcome. Don’t forget to add a few favorite toys while at it too.

7. Angles

Angles! The most important part when it comes to photography. Angles can help your image speak volumes or just be another picture you see on the internet. There are few angles that work with babies and they are:

  • Straight on

Meeting your baby at the same level that he/she is in is a great way of capturing images. But do keep in mind of your background as well, and always remember to use portrait mode on your mobile to capture.

  • Top down

Top down is when you place the camera right above your baby. This is a great way to showcase your setup and your baby too.

  • Close up

Don’t forget to capture those tiny legs, tiny hands and those tiny eyes.

Using these angles will help you identify your foreground (What you see on the background, around your subject) before you start taking a picture.

8. Details

Now that you’ve taken the important pictures, don’t forget to take some pictures of the setup as well. Detail shots of the toys, flowers, Shoes, Sonogram (along with a shoe, or the babies’ feet) and even a picture of moms and dads’ hands holding the little ones. What’s most important is the story that you want to tell through the pictures and that’s totally up to you.

9. Have Fun!

Always remember to have fun during these shoots, use it as bonding time with your baby. When your little one grows up, they can reflect on and understand their importance since birth, in having their pictures taken with that much effort!

Jason Jude Eardly is a professional photographer with vast experience as a lifestyle, family specialist and baby photographer. You can view his work via:

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