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5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities to do with Kids

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities to do with Kids

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kiddos? We’re sharing 5 ideas that are simple and affordable too!

1. Craft Valentine's Together

February is a great month to plan some fun, love themed crafts and activities with your little ones. From making home-made cards, painting, to play dough fun, the options are really endless!

Here are some resources & craft ideas from amazing mama owned blogs for:


2. Read a Love-Themed Story Together

We love reading books together! It’s such a great bonding time with your child - whatever the age. Add a Valentine’s twist by choosing love-filled titles to enjoy together or better yet, asking your child to choose the book(s) they love the most for you to read aloud.

And, if your child likes a particular book, let them take that passion a step further by doing some simple book crafts to match the characters of your book selection. Combining reading with hands-on activities is the perfect recipe for creativity and engagement.

Here are some suggestions - All of them have been read by us at home and are some of our favorites.

Board Books (Newborn – 3 years):

Picture Books (2 years – 5 years):

Early Chapter Books (Age 5- 9):


3. Spread Kindness Together

Making a kindness jar (check out myjoyfilledlife’s lovely blog for inspiration) or using our kindness wands is a great way to encourage your kids to behave with compassion and empathy in a fun setting.

Some ideas:

  • Give a drawing or a flower to an elderly neighbor,
  • Make out Valentine’s day cards,
  • Pick up litter at the park or on the beach,
  • Bake cookies for the cleaners/helpers in your home, apartment building or neighborhood area. You can do the same for anyone you know who may not have someone to share the day with.


4. Put on some Music and Have a Dance Party 

Dancing is such a great way to have fun!

Pick your child’s favorite love themed songs or introduce some of your favorites. Have fun moving and grooving.

This will also help increase you and your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.


5. Make a Meal Together

This can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be.

Here are some ideas:

Breakfast: heart shaped pancakes, toast, sandwiches or even string hoppers. If oats or cereal is on the menu, dress it up with red fruit like strawberries. You can use food items to create shapes: crushed nuts or fruit pieces to draw a heart.

Snack: Fruits are a favorite. You can cut strawberry hearts, or shape assorted fruits into a heart shape on a plate.

Lunch / Dinner: Shape rice into a heart on a plate along with the rest of the meal. You can dress up with red veggies like beetroot.

Get your child involved in the preparation and kitchen tasks. This themed food special might also be a great way to get your kids to try and eat different foods they normally don’t love.


We hope you are inspired by some of these ideas and are able to start some special ‘Heart Day’ family traditions of your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope it is filled with oodles of love, fun and appreciation for those that you love and care for.



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