Waterproof Splash Mat - Ocean

Rs 6,875.00

A portable waterproof mat you will love!

A versatile mat, it can be used underneath high chairs, on your tables and to protect your bed surfaces or floor. It can be folded + easy portability, so you can use anywhere. Lay it down on any flat surface you can find!

Featuring a convenient snapping strap allows you to easily fold and store; and generously sized to last from newborn, toddler hood and beyond.

The perfect modern parent accessory for you and your child.


  • 100% polyester soft top layer.
  • Silica gel bottom to reduce friction on surfaces: 
  • Non Toxic: BPA free, PVC free, and lead-free.
  • Waterproof and quick dry fabric. 
  • Durable: tough enough for daily use.
  • Easy fold, carry and go with an in-built clip on belt.
  • Easy to clean: wipeable & machine washable.
  • Suitable for newborn, toddlers, older children and even adults.

Perfect for:

- Underneath a high chair.
- Nappy-free tummy time.
- Protecting your bed surface.
- Table mat. 
- Play mat.
- Primer for outdoor seating
(on the beach, in a park or garden).


120 x 120 cm

Frequently Asked

Can this mat be used only for infants?

No, this is a multifunctional waterproof mat and has endless uses. It can be used for more than just a splash mat. They are great for anytime you need a protective waterproof barrier between two surfaces; underneath high chairs, table mat for messy art projects, nappy-free tummy time, absorb leaks while baby sleeps, puppy potty training pad, dry seat when outdoors...

Safety and care

  • For more information, please read the safety and care guide provided with your package.