Singithi Wachana 2 Letter Puzzle - 24 sets

Rs 990.00

Singithi wachana 2 is a simple word building exercise, where both the image and the word is split in to two puzzle pieces. And the box contains 24 sets.

Once the child has been introduced to the Sinhala alphabet using our Singithi Hodiya puzzle this would be the next product the child should use. The letters used in this activity do not have additional parts, which help the child to move from the alphabet to this activity.

The child is given a hint where the image of the word is displayed at the top of the puzzle and the word is printed in black at the bottom of the puzzle. We have included a unique color band to ensure the exercise doesn’t become complicated and frustrating for the child.
The box consists of 24 sets of words, where each puzzle has 2 letters each. The size of a puzzle is aprox. 85mm x 85mm.