Silicone Snack Lid

Rs 900.00

True Snack Lids makes regular cups spill proof. The perfect accessory for munchkins at home or on the go. The snack lid features an amazingly soft “straight line” opening for little hands to reach into whilst keeping food contents safely inside. Basically, prevents the mess of your overly enthusiastic toddler flinging contents all over your household! 


✓ Safe: Made of 100% BPA free, premium, no nasties food grade silicone.
✓ Includes a Snack Lid only. 
*The snack lid can be attached onto any container or cup (with no handles ideally); (Stretches over most cup sizes up to 3.25- 4 inches diameter).
✓ Waterproof: smooth surface does not absorb water.
✓ Portable and lightweight.
✓ Suitable for hot and cold foods for versatile use to suit your needs.
✓ Available in 7 fun colors: Light Grey, Dusty Rose, Sunshine Yellow, Autumn Glaze, Rosey Mauve, Pastel Pink and Midnight Blue.


Snack lid measures: 9.5cm x 3.8cm and weighs approx. 25 gms.

Frequently Asked

How do I use this product?

Use this snack lid to cover a cup with approx. 3.25- 4 inches diameter. Fill the cup with snacks or treats. The “straight line” opening allows little hands to reach into the cup whilst keeping food contents safely inside even when flung or upturned. 

*Cup is not provided.


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Safety and care

  • Please read the safety and care card that comes with this product.