Kids Tableware Set - Complete Saver Bundle

Rs 25,800.00

Mealtimes can be fun and stress-free with our True Complete Tableware Set.
This 11 piece set is perfect for when baby wants to start feeding, baby led weaning + pieces that well be useful well in to toddler years.


1. True Silicone Bucket Bib

Buttery soft for your little one’s skin, strong enough to catch all food and keep baby’s clothes (and the floor) clean.
The perfect solution for your messy minis!

2. True Suction Bowl, Lid and Spoon Set

Helps to introduce solid foods then transition your baby to self-feeding. The suction base keeps the bowl from sliding or flipping over. Great for use on any flat surface at home or on the go. Bowl comes with a leakproof lid (makes them great for eating out of, storing or for travel).

3. Double Handled Super Cup

The perfect training cups, a great way for your littles to practice their independent drinking skills. (Holds about 180 ml of liquid). Super versatile, can be used with the lid / straw to avoid messy spills or without, as an open double handled cup. Includes inner measurement markings up to 150 ml. 

4. Straw Brush

Keep your straw cups clean with Straw Cleaning Brush. This brush is thin and flexible to fit down both straight and bent-angle straw pieces. Also useful for getting particles and other unwanted material out of tricky spaces.

5. Suction Plate with Lid

Designed with strong sturdy silicone, providing a stable base for little ones learning to feed themselves. Divided into 3 sections, keeping food separated, perfectly sized for toddler portions, including a center area for mains. 
Smiley face design to reinforce a positive meal time experience.
Features a Silicone Lid.

6. Anti-choke Cutlery Set

Transitional utensils, ideal for introducing a baby to the concept of holding a utensil and self feeding; With a flap design that acts as a barrier, preventing gagging or choking. The shield prevents the main fork/scoop from contamination when thrown to the floor.

7. Stainless Steel & Silicone Fork and Spoon 

Made of premium quality stainless steel + no nasties food grade silicone, this set features a rounded concave spoon + angled rounded fork tines to scrape fruit / safely pierce foods. They have easy to hold chew-friendly silicone handles, sized just right for toddlers

8. Cloud Placemat

The cute cloud shape design helps brings about a positive reinforcement during mealtime/playtime. Not only does it provides a clean eating surface for young children; the grippy base also helps it suction to most smooth, non-porous surfaces to help prevent sliding. 

9. Collapsible Divided Lunch Box

Lunch in Style! Our Silicone Collapsible Divided Lunch Box is ideal for meals at home or on the go. Suitable for babies, toddlers and even adults. 

10. Open Plate

Ideal for children, toddlers or if you’d like to transition your little one to a regular plate + they look so good you’d love having these on your table. 

11. Paci Case

This multifunctional case can be used for snacks, little toys or whatever you’d like to secure. Simply attach the loop part of the case to your bag / stroller / car seat; pop the pacifier (or chosen item) into the case when not in use.