Guess How Much I Love You in the Spring [Paperback]

Rs 1,500.00

From the award-winning creators of Guess How Much I Love You comes this delightful springtime tale of nature - now in paperback. "Does nothing stay the same?" thought Little Nutbrown Hare. "Does everything change?" Little Nutbrown Hare loves playing in the spring, when everything is growing and changing but he has a lot of questions.

Seasonally themed and beautifully illustrated throughout, little ones will enjoy joining in with the answers in this captivating story while discovering what Little Nutbrown Hare will turn into when he's older.

*This is one of a four-part series featuring the seasons - collect them all! Please ask if you need a specific version. The data provided here may not be correct. With buying and not asking you are accepting the book as is.

Product Details:

• Book Type: Paperback
• Print Length: 24 Pages
• Publisher: ‎Walker Books Ltd
• Dimensions: 9.65 x 0.24 x 9.65 inches