Starter Essentials Bundle

Rs 7,900.00

Mealtimes can be fun and stress-free with our True Starter Bundle. This is the perfect set for when baby wants to start feeding, baby led weaning + for toddler years.


1. True Suction Bowl, Lid and Spoon Set

Helps to introduce solid foods then transition your baby to self-feeding.
The suction base keeps the bowl from sliding or flipping over. Great for use on any flat surface at home or on the go.
Bowl comes with a leakproof lid (makes them great for eating out of, storing or for travel) + starter spoon.

2. Suction Plate (without lid)

Designed with strong sturdy silicone, providing a stable base for little ones learning to feed themselves. Divided into 3 sections, keeping food separated, perfectly sized for toddler portions, including a center area for mains. 
Smiley face design to reinforce a positive meal time experience.